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The news in detail
  • Four barriers to Chinese health products carton packaging industry exist

    With the rapid development of the global consumer health care market and the health care industry, health care carton packaging industry is developing rapidly, with broad market prospects, but it does not mean that entry into the industry that there are no obstacles. Then, the sub-sector entry barriers mainly reflected in what areas?

    Technical barriers

    Health care carton packaging products as pharmaceutical packaging, has a special safety and suitability requirements, especially due to the large quantities of health products have prolonged repetitive characteristics, the packaging must ensure a high degree of consistency between different batches requiring health care carton print products with high production levels and higher quality stability, ordinary printing companies can not meet the requirements. At the same time, competitive factors by the end user, legislation and regulations and industry increasingly fierce impact, health products continue to add ancillary functions of carton packaging, design and production of increasing complexity, technical content is also rising, the formation of new entrants to the industry a higher technical obstacles.

    "2011-2015 electronic drug supervision work plan" in 2012 enacted the overall objectives established for: realize the whole process of electronic monitoring of health products before the end of 2015 all varieties. The implementation of the policy to health care carton producers proposed to speed up the application of variable data printing requirements endowed. At present, only a few companies have relatively sophisticated electronic monitoring code endowed health products printing production system, there is no corresponding maturity foreign production equipment, and if the company has large quantities of lead and a few high-speed electronic monitoring code production capacity of enterprises to have a first-mover advantage. Actual production, such as electronic monitoring code endowed carton printing and health care overall production were handed over to different enterprises, will bring increased costs and reduced efficiency, but will also increase the production process, such as product confusion, loss and other non- control risk, therefore, generally require electronic monitoring code printed health products pharmaceutical companies will manufacture health products tray and printed electronic monitoring code work entrusted to health care with a carton packaging suppliers be completed. This guide gives customers a choice of electronic supervision code printing more important, that is not only the way enterprises to expand revenue, is an important means for enterprises to seize market opportunities, expand market share.

    Quality barriers

    Health security is an eternal theme of health care products and health care products packaging industry. Quality and safety of health care is the most important aspect of the test tray enterprise's core competitiveness. Health care carton manufacturers must ensure that products can not occur contamination, confusion, avoid wrongly health products and product recalls and other quality accidents, which requires companies to effectively establish high standards of quality assurance system, and in line with the respective pharmaceutical companies demanding product quality standard. At the same time, the quality of health care products packaging products, pharmaceutical companies have a direct impact on productivity and brand image, minor quality problems may have resulted in the loss of pharmaceutical companies. Automatic packaging line, for example, such as boxing speed of 400 / min, even if the machine millionth carton quality problems, but also will result in a shift of nearly 22 times down to troubleshooting. Another example is when consumers buy the same brand of health care products, if found new and different batches of health care products packaging any nuances would suspect is counterfeit. Therefore, whether the product quality excellent pharmaceutical companies choose suppliers of most concern.

    To this end, the pharmaceutical industry suppliers study generally requires a long process, especially in the current health care increasingly multi-batch, in the case of small batch production, not the long-term adjustments, and tacit cooperation as well as the quality and stability of the test, will not easily develop a new supplier, it will not easily give up a long-term suppliers. Large foreign manufacturers of health care products every year to conduct on-site review of suppliers, only be able to maintain long-term stable quality and strong ongoing innovation capacity of enterprises, in order to become large advanced pharmaceutical companies long-term supplier.

    Financial barriers

    Health products carton packaging industry is a high investment in the industry, printing, die-cutting machines, and other equipment into a larger folder gluer. Especially in the production of high quality products developed key equipment imported from Europe currently still higher acquisition costs. In addition, the need to spend more money for product innovation, quality inspection, security, anti-aliasing and other detection equipment. In addition, paper production of raw materials procurement funds as well. Thus, entering the industry need to have some financial regulations force.

    Industry barriers to entry

    Carton packaging manufacturer of health care products, the need to obtain permission printing, anti-counterfeit labels production license. Although it is not licensed security carton packaging manufacturer of health care products necessary permission, but if unable to obtain a license, the application will not produce anti-counterfeiting technology tray products. Therefore, the new entrants will face administrative examination and approval of industry barriers to entry.

    Editor China Packaging Network believes that demand will continue to expand our high-end health products carton packaging products, leading technology advances health care carton industry, promote health care carton packaging enterprises to actively participate in international competition.

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