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The news in detail
  • Food tray into the big cake printing and packaging enterprises in the eyes of

    In recent years, the rapid development of the food industry, attracting more and more companies enter and attention, with the support of the food carton packaging enterprises naturally become the majority in the eyes of a huge cake. So, this market has a bright future in higher profit margins and at the same time, there are exactly what are the risks and the box it?

    Risk and restricted food industry

    First, the device high barriers to entry:

    At this stage, the domestic many large food companies are the main production equipment from Tetra Pak, sig other multinational companies, these transnational giants have a very distinct advantage in terms of product quality, technological strength, financial strength, service and operation of the market and so on.

    Many food companies in the domestic procurement of equipment, spare parts supply and maintenance services usually there's dependence on these foreign suppliers, in order to ensure normal and stable production, reduce operating risk, at this stage it seldom could easily change existing equipment and packaging materials suppliers.

    For the desire to enter the field of packaging and printing enterprises, the device is equipped with a high-risk threshold, as companies invested heavily into the field once, and thereafter during the entire service life of the equipment will be locked into a single form of packaging supplies on.

    Second, the material supply less:

    At present, the production of food packaging paper matrix composites in the country has not yet formed a complete industrial chain, such as paper production Tetra Brik used, heat seal (or layering) Notwithstanding the domestic enterprises in the attempt to produce, but the quality is still there is a big flaw . Paper and heat seal (or layering) is Tetra Pak company focused on the blockade of raw materials and supporting materials. Domestic printing business is difficult to supply to Tetra Pak's paper from suppliers to buy paper. Indentation punching machine is the production of Tetra indispensable equipment, domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises produce indentations punched parts is not very mature.

    Third, the technical constraints:

    Technical constraints mainly reflected in two aspects, first carton manufacturing technology, liquid food cartons used in the printing, laminating, molding, as well as paper, ink, adhesives, etc. have a very high demand, needs with excellent and professional equipment and have professional technical strength and production experience, now the country can achieve this level of business is still very small. Second, some foreign suppliers to set a lot of high barriers on filling equipment and ancillary packaging materials they provide. As many domestic manufacturers of packaging materials are for Tetra Pak packaging line development and production, the quality has been very good, but a fresh start was not feasible, on the one hand, Tetra Pak contractual requirements of its customers within the contract period shall not select other On the other hand, the Tetra Pak has a paper material identification passwords, Tetra Pak filling machine on the computer only recognize this ID password to work, Tetra Pak's customers if the choice of other packaging materials, equipment will; the company's packaging materials not compatible with the production.

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