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  • Competition medicine carton printing and packaging industry and market analysis

    Improve the sustained and rapid development and printing equipment, and other industrial technology level of China's pharmaceutical industry, for the development of the pharmaceutical carton packaging industry has laid a good market and technology base.

    Pharmaceutical carton packaging industry is a pharmaceutical packaging industry sub-sectors, there is also cross with the printing and packaging industries. Early on, domestic enterprises engaged in pharmaceutical carton production, mostly from pharmaceutical companies to invest in supporting packaging plant; as the market continues to develop, more and more specialized packaging and printing companies, including internationally renowned printing and packaging enterprises through joint ventures and other forms of actively involved in pharmaceutical carton packaging.

    Through years of development, currently engaged in pharmaceutical packaging printing enterprises have more than 2,000, but most companies have involved only pharmaceutical packaging, smaller enterprises, low level of production technology, specialization and scale is not high , products difficult to adapt to the performance requirements of high-speed automated packaging lines, more difficult to enter the field of electronic production of emerging technology, security technology and other regulatory codes. With pharmaceutical companies increasingly attach importance to the pharmaceutical packaging, more and more began to use high-quality medicines carton packaging, prompting the industry toward large-scale, professional development, more competition is scale and specialized production capacity has conducted between businesses. Meanwhile, in recent years, such as Japan ancient forest, Germany Edelman Group and some other multinational packaging and printing companies with international reputation has also set up a joint venture of China, its pharmaceutical folding carton business into China, to participate in the growing pharmaceutical carton packaging market .

    Currently, the industry professional, independent medical tray-based suppliers, with a high degree of market.

    China's pharmaceutical industry concentration carton packaging industry is still relatively low, it should accelerate the industry consolidation, support competitive enterprises bigger and stronger, improve industrial concentration, promoting pharmaceutical carton packaging industry take large-scale, professional development.

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