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  • Guangzhou Huasheng Advertising Co., Ltd.

    Stores: Guangzhou Airport Road 38 (opposite the airport overpass CMB)

    Address: 26 Airport Road, Guangzhou City


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About Us
  • Guangzhou Huasheng Advertising Co., Ltd.was established in 2003, the company is now from a single computer inkjet company developed into a set of terminal image brand planning, inkjet printing faster, exhibition structures, display, advertising materials production, has a group of high-quality talents and implement integrated business field engineering service integrated its production company, positioned to provide customers from the pre-program planning, manufacturing production, operation and management of integrated services to end implementation.

    The company now has a high-end imported German Hyde, Roland Japan, the United States imported more HP equipment in the domestic leading equipment, we will be committed to the most perfect quality.

    Accumulated a wealth of project management experience in the operation and adhere to the "brand from quality and reputation from sincere" business philosophy, we have accumulated experience serving many well-known enterprises, government agencies, and for large events, shopping malls, supermarkets, automotive, real estate and other industry to provide high-quality and reliable professional advertising services. Designed to help customers improve brand image, and to build long-term brand value for the mission, so that all sectors of the brand image of the combination of products to market and win enough social concern, to help companies brand growth.

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