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  • Guangzhou Huasheng Advertising Co., Ltd.was established in 2003, the company is now from a single computer inkjet company developed into a set of terminal image brand planning, inkjet printing faster, exhibition structures, display, advertising materials production, has a group of high-quality talents and implement integrated business field engineering service integrated its production company, positioned to provide customers from the pre-program planning, manufacturing production, operation and management of integrated services to end implementation...
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  • Guangzhou Huasheng Advertising Co., Ltd.

    Stores: Guangzhou Airport Road 38 (opposite the airport overpass CMB)

    Address: 26 Airport Road, Guangzhou City


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    Chen: 13527724139

    Miss Zhou: 13392679227

    Customer Service QQ: 916198060

    Website: www.gzhsys.com

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